Ecuadorian Preserved Roses

Currently, about fifteen companies located in Quito are dedicated to the production of preserved roses and reach exports of approximately US $ 20 million annually.

Its production derives from the selection of the best fresh roses and then goes through wax & glycerin methods to ensure its durability. This process generates a flower that will remain in perfect condition for more than a year.

In view of the growing demand of this niche, the biggest problem that Ecuador has to face nowadays is to increase its offer and face some existing commercial and cultural barriers.

One of the difficulties that exists to continue with its expansion is the international transport, which increasingly has higher rates. This is due to the fact that the trade balance of the country is much lower in terms of imports due to protectionism.

On the other hand, producers of fresh roses are afraid that the preserved ones will take away part of their market because they believe that they can be replaced due to their longer duration. But this is a wrong concept, because preserved roses are a totally different product, going through different processes, much more exclusives and with prices up to twenty times higher than normal roses.

More and more farms are adding the option of preserved roses as part of their offer, in order to obtain greater profitability by offering other products outside of the traditional ones.


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