Rose wholesalers

Florador is a dynamic European company that

distributes flowers worldwide

from South America and Holland.

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Rose wholesalers

Florador has a dynamic team focused on ensuring a flexible service with the capacity to assume any volume, and guaranteeing the highest quality of the most beautiful flowers in the world.

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wholesale roses
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rose wholesalers
roses wholesale
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Premium Flowers Worldwide

We love flowers. That’s why at Florador, we focus on distributing premium quality blooms sourced from Colombia, Ecuador and the Netherlands.

And because we understand that when it comes to flowers, size matters, we partner with plantations where the climate, altitude, and geographical location provide ideal conditions for cultivating high-quality flowers with optimal stem and bud sizes for the most demanding markets year-round.

We’ve come up with a logistical system that enables us to provide three-day delivery guarantees without compromising the freshness and beauty of the flowers for wholesalers worldwide.

At Florador, we are committed to delivering fresh and sustainable products. And because delicate items demand careful handling, we implement stringent quality controls throughout the distribution process, always maintaining the cold chain from flower harvest to delivery.

Florador boasts a dynamic team dedicated to providing flexible service, capable of handling any volume while ensuring the highest quality of the world’s finest flowers.

rose wholesalers

Wholesale Rose

Discover a blossoming variety

We love roses, timeless symbols of love and beauty.

Whether you are looking for a pristine white wedding rose, a rich crimson velvety rose, or nuanced shades of creamy yellow, pink or peach, we have roses for every occasion! Our selection includes vibrant fresh roses, preserved roses, garden roses as well as branching roses. To complement your bouquets, we carefully select gypsophila and alstroemerias in a variety of colours.

Florador stands as a leading supplier of wholesale roses worldwide. We offer you the best diversity with over a 100 of the world’s most exquisite flowers in sizes ranging from 60 to 80 cm. Bulk orders begin at 100 stems per box, delivered worldwide within 3 days, all year round.


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wholesale roses online

wholesale roses online

Blooming year-round

Florador Flowers: We deliver freshness and beauty to wholesalers worldwide. Shop online today!

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Rose Wholesalers Worldwide

Floral trust : Work with us

Looking for rose wholesalers ? Florador has over 10 years of experience in global flower distribution, collaborating with major wholesale vendors in Europe and the Middle East.

Freshness comes first. Our extensive supplier network and strong logistics worldwide enable us to guarantee delivery within 3 days all year round, regardless of the season.

Quality is key. We ensure our flowers are carefully sourced and subject to meticulous quality control every step of the way. Forward-thinking and flexible, we offer premium quality at a very competitive rate.

We believe in building trust through proximity with our customers. Our flourishing team offers excellent customer service, available 24/7, every day of the year.

wholesale roses


Who can order from Florador?

At Florador, we supply wholesale vendors across Europe and the Middle East seeking to purchase flowers in bulk (100 stems per box).

How long does delivery take?

We guarantee speedy worldwide delivery within 3 days, throughout all seasons.

Why order through Florador?

At Florador, we prioritize quality, ensuring that our flowers meet the highest standards. With year-round availability and competitive prices, we strive to provide our customers with the best value.

Why buy roses wholesale from a rose wholesaler?

Buying bulk fresh roses from a reputable rose wholesaler is the way to go if you’re looking for the highest quality blooms at wholesale prices. Whether you need roses for a floral arrangement, special event, or simply to treat yourself, buying roses wholesale ensures you get the right roses for the occasion while saving money. With a rose wholesaler, you can select the ideal stem length, color, and variety to suit your needs. They offer a vast selection of fresh-cut roses at prices far below what you’d pay at a retail florist.

One of the biggest advantages of a rose wholesaler is the ability to purchase in bulk wholesale quantities. This not only saves you money per stem but also ensures you have enough roses for large floral arrangements or events. It’s worth mentioning that buying directly from the source allows you to get the freshest blooms at the peak of their beauty and fragrance. Why pay the highest price for subpar roses when you can get premium quality at a fraction of the cost? For any special day or occasion that calls for roses, a reputable wholesaler is the way to go.